By KE Eduljee

Rivayets / Rivayats – 2bNariman Rivayet – “Millennium of the Demon of Wrath”
In the very first Rivayet the Yazdi priests sent back with Nariman, the Yazdis noted with sadness that at no time since Gayomard at the dawn of Aryan history had times been more distressing and dangerous for behdins than during the present “millennium of the demon of wrath” (Mary Boyce in Zoroastrians p. 175 quoting Dhabhar p. 598).
Some Yazdi Zoroastrians had become fugitives from the Safavid kings (who made Shi’a Islam the official religion of Iran). Abbas II (1642-67 CE) expropriated Zoroastrian land around Isfahan and the last of the Safavids, the butcher Sultan Husain (1694-1722 CE), issued a decree for the forced conversions of Zoroastrians to Shi’a Islam at the point of the sword. A Christian archbishop witnessed the destruction of a Zoroastrian temple and the massacre of those Zoroastrians who refused to convert. The slaughter of Zoroastrians turned local rivers red with their blood.
Image: The Safavid butcher Sultan Husain (1694-1722 CE). Credit: Wikipedia.


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