By Izad Tus Marshall

Dr. Farokhroo Parsay, was an Iranian physician, educator and parliamentarian. She served as Minister of Education of Iran right before the International plot called Islamic Revolution. She was the first female cabinet minister after the Invasion of Iran by Islam. She was killed by Khomeini shortly after the Islamic Revolutionaries occupied Iran because she refused to put on the Islamic Hijab. She said: I am a physician and I know death is just a moment. I embrace death and I am not willing in order to stay alive a little bit longer to put on your Hijab. I have served this country and this people for 50 years and I am not willing to defuse and express my regrets for 50 years of work towards equality between men and women. I will never put on your Hijab and I will not step backward, not even one step! She was killed because she was an educator and a fighter. That was a woman, an Iranian woman! These were the women we had during the Pahlavi era 40 and 50 years ago and now Swedish female cabinet members and ministers whose life is in no danger whatsoever put on willingly the Islamic Hijab, go to Iran in order to sell themselves to the Ayatollahs and get some economic contracts and sell them few buses and cars! 

I am sorry, the only word I can think of for these Swedish female cabinet members who apparently have reached the equality between men and women is ‘whores”!


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