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To the international world, it is NOT “Farsi” … 
The unethical Mainstream institutions are beginning to use “Farsi” to mean the Persian language rather than the historical “Persian” known by the international world and used specifically by English-speakers…
“Farsi” is the foreign Arabization (cultural imperialism) of the Iranian word “Parsi” meaning Persian in English… so even the pronunciation “Farsi” is not Iranian …
Along with removing Iranians from historical textbooks and illegally referring to the “Persian Gulf” to “the Gulf” or “the Arabian Gulf,” these Mainstream institutions (universities, museums, media, etc.) beholden to the same Globalist donors (mold all peoples into one – the same tactic used in ancient times by slavery-based societies in reducing slave revolts) to which most politicians are beholden are attacking Iranians and their descendants across the world by using and legitimizing the word “Farsi” in the international arena so that within a decade or so nobody would know that the Persian king, Persian Empire, Persian cat, Persian carpet, Persian red, Persian blue, Persian green, Persian rose, Persian art, Persian script, Persian architecture, Persian cuisine, Persian spices, Persian Magi, Persian this and that actually refer to the Iranian/Persian civilization but one that has long disappeared … 
People will NOT correlate Farsi with Persian at all… just as being a Muslim often leaves the impression that one is necessarily of Arab identity (regardless of how erroneous it may be), then many will assume that Farsi and Persian are two different things… this is exactly how a people disappear from pages of history – via the loss of their language even if by name … language is THE number one indicator of national identity…
Now, not only do Iranian peoples have to constantly explain and defend the concept that Persian is Iranian, one of many Iranian groups such as Scythian, Sarmatian, Bactrian, Alan, etc., but that Farsi is Arabization of the word Persian which is an Iranian language… do you catch the drift???
If Persian is to be Farsi in the international arena then all other languages should follow suit… for example, for international and English purposes, we should now use Deutsche instead of German… 
[pic source Dr. S. Suren-Pahlav @CAIS … read more on the topic here … … for educational purposes only]


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