A  Partho-Sassanid Nourouz Greeting: Courtesy: Pash Jahan

Nawrôz draud abar ashmâ ud tohmag i ashmâ. Az æt thard tâ hamishag harv ârzûg i ashmâ ô râstig be-shavâd. Adur i Auhramazd ud khrat i yazat Mihr râh i ashmâ hamishag rawishn be-konând. 
Translation from Partho-Sassanid:
Nawrôz greetings to you and those of your seed. From this year till forever may every wish of yours come true. May the fire of Ahuramazda and the wisdom of Mithra illuminate your path always.
May we keep the legacy of our Noble Ancestors alive and may we the Last of the Sassanians be empowered by them this NouRouz and forever. Aedoon Baad 🔥 )


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