Kavyani Flag: Sheth Jivanji Jashedji Mistry, Adaryan, Surat.

Adar Mahino Adar Roj – 22.04.2017 the Salgerah of this adarain.The Kavyani Zanda has a Zarthosht, Sun, Moon and Atash embroidered on it with Gold and Silver Zari and also a Zari border around the flag.
The “Kavyani Zanda” which relates to the story of King Faredun’s Victory over Zohak. In Faredun’s fight against the evil Zohak, a blacksmith called Kavyan had started circulating the flag to gather people to fight the evil. When Faredun became king he put the flag in his darbar.
Since, for parsis Atash padshah is the King, this flag procession is taken out on the Salgiri of the Aatash Behram of Surat and the Saiyadpura agyari.

It is a ” Fatehmandi ni nishani” .
Hope this year I have been able to do justice with my photos giving more information about it, as people were inquiring last time to give more details about the Zanda.


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