Date  & Teachings of Prophet Asho Zarathustra: Part 2


Using this most modern method, Yewing & Don, of the Lemont Observatory of Columbia University began to characterise the Ocean sediment  in the Atlantic & came to the conclusion that the last Ice Age was 11,000 years ago. I used the word “last”, because they have shown that the world has oscillated in the last million years between at least 4 Ice Ages.

The Last Ice Age was known from the Vandidad, that in the reign of King Jamshed, or earlier, there was a deluge, the coming of the Ice. The Vandidad, mentioned that the Ice mounts up from the bottom of the Ocean to the night of the highest mountains.

Therefore King Jamshed advised a cave be made in ice & took along  with him not only the good men & the animals but even the seeds of men & animals.

We further find in the Hom Yasht that in the reign of king Jamshed, there was neither heat nor cold.

Modern science also tells us that before the Ice Age, there was neither heat nor cold & the world enjoyed  a temperate climate.

If we can therefore fix the era of king Jamshed, 11, 000 years from now, we can thereby fix the era of ZarThustra also.

As we have known that Zarathustra was born in the year 2716, after the deluge. If we take a period roughly 2, 700 years after the deluge, we come to the conclusion that the era of Zarathustra  was about 8, 000 years from now or roughly about 6, 200 years to 6, 300  B.C.

This evidence which we arrive at from the Carbon 14  dating fits in which the evidence of Plato & other Greek  writers as well as with of Tilak about the moment of the Indo Aryans.

Therefore, I believe that there is no reason for us to doubt this reckoning & we can be fairly certain that Zarathustra  lived about 8, 000 years from now which is very early period.

Dr Rabindranath Tagore has characterised Zarathustra as the foremost Prophet of mankind.  In his book, “The Religion of  Man”, Tagore has truly said ” Zarathustra’s voice is a living voice, not alone a matter of academic interest for historical scholars who deal with facts of the past, rather of all teachers, Zarathustra was the first who addressed His words to all humanity, regardless of distance of space or time”.


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