JASHN-E-SADEH (Fire Festival Day)
Recently, Jashan-e-Sadeh was celebrated in Iran and across many other countries. This historic day has been celebrated for many millennia.

King Hoshang of the Prehistoric Peshdadian dynasty was once was passing through a forest with his companions. Suddenly a huge serpent like creature appeared from the rocks at a distance. 

Instinctively, King Hoshang picked up a huge boulder and hurled it at the serpent with full force. The boulder missed the serpent but struck one of the rocks nearby, resulting in sparks and igniting the dry grass nearby. 
On seeing the gigantic blaze, the soldiers were terrified and started running away. However, King Hoshang instantly recognised the majesty of Ahura Mazda in this blaze and bowed down before it offering praises to its Creator. King Hoshang identified the same as a divine representation of Ahura Mazda created to support life and worthy of veneration. The King bowed down to the fire and enthroned it with full respect. The historic day was established as JASHN-E-SADAH (Fire Festival Day), and is celebrated even today in Iran publicly.


Image courtesy – ‘Miracles and Legends in Zoroastrianism’ Desk Calendar 2017 (painting by digital artist Yohan Mody)


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