Leadership of Shahpur II on the battlefield – The battle of Amida (359 ACE)
Roman sources report that King Shahpur II personally led the charge of the elite cavalry units multiple times and came so close to the city gates that even his features could be clearly recognized. Although this attracted a lot of attention from the Roman archers, Shahpur II resolutely remained, fighting shoulder to shoulder with his men.
Amida (Eastern Turkey) was critical to the Persians in order to check the Roman ambitions in the Caucasus. A couple of Roman fortresses had surrendered to Shapur II until the Persians reached the city of Amida which was strongly fortified. 
The engineers of the Persian army soon deployed battering rams, siege engines and powerful projectiles were hurled on the enemy. Equipped with war elephants, the much dreaded elite cavalry and archers, the Persians were clear in their intentions.   
It was a battle of attrition in which the Roman defenders equipped with high power / velocity weapons discharged by mechanical releases repelled the Persian attack multiple times. However, the battle took such a heavy toll on the seven Roman legions that they ran out of land to bury their slain comrades. The Persian army too suffered heavy casualties.
Finally, the Persian engineers were able to construct a mound which was as high as the city walls and constructed a bridge between the mound and the city walls and broke through.
The city finally surrendered and Shahpur II marched through the city gates which stubbornly defied him.


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