Horses – An indispensable part of Ancient Persia
They ride on horse backs at all times, on horseback they go to feasts, attend public and personal business, march out, stand still, and converse…. 

– Marcus Junianus Justinus, Roman Historian.
Greek Historian Herodotus too observed that the education of Persian children focussed on three things majorly – To ride a horse, shoot an arrow and speak the truth!
This translated into the Persians being a formidable cavalry force to be reckoned with on the battle field. They were noted for their discipline during their lance charge, maintaining their formation even after breaking through in the enemy lines.
The Parthians re-engineered the saddle of the horse and designed the front and back to have a curvature ensuring better stability for the spine and the thighs of the rider allowing the rider to lean either way in battle. The invention and use of horse shoe improved effectiveness and efficiency of the horses boosting their all cavalry doctrine. 


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