Religious beliefs of the Ancient Persians – Significance of Fire
Fire has a unique stature in the religious beliefs of the Ancient Persians. In Zoroastrian scriptures Fire is referred to as the Son of God (Ahura Mazda) and the greatest Yazata (Yazata is a divine being worthy of veneration).
Iranian Kings would establish Fire Temples when they returned victorious from battles. Many Sasanian coins bear the image of the holy Fire seated on the throne. In the ministry, there was a position of secretary of State for fire who kept an account of all the sacred fires.
In the Zoroastrian scripture Yasna 17.11 the following types of Fire are remembered: 

Ātar Berezi-Savah – The fire burning in the Atash Bahrām

Ātar Vohu-Fryāna – This is the fire (heat energy) within the bodies of humans and animals

Ātar Urvāzishta – The Fire (energy) within plants

Ātar Vāzishta – The Fire of Lightning, fire in the atmosphere, in the earth and mountains

Ātar Spenishta – The Fire blazing in spiritual state in the highest heaven 
As per the Ātash Nyaish (a prayer devoted to Fire) the devotee prays to the fire: ‘Thou art worthy of worship and veneration. May thou be ever burning, blazing and shining in the house (of the worshiper).

The devotee seeks blessings from the Fire in the form of happiness, nourishment, exhilaration, intelligence and wisdom, fluent speech, consciousness for the soul and un-diminishing bravery. Further, the devotee requests the Fire to grant him progeny which may prosper his house, village, town and country.’
May the Holy Fire continue to blaze and guide us right until Frashokereti (the final renovation /the new beginning).


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