Iran, Famine: Persiart7(459-494ACE)

Did you know that ancient Iran was caught in the clutches of a seven year famine during the reign of King Firuz (459 to 494ACE)?
Within a short period of King Firuz ascending the throne, Iran was struck by a famine which spread up to Tigris River. Lakes and rivers had dried up and large portions of land became barren. 
Measures taken by King Firuz to shield his subjects from this famine were admirable:
– Taxation from farmers was remitted

– Royal treasury was used liberally to avert the conditions

– The rich were given strict orders to take care of the poor in      

   their respective localities

– The control of food grain warehouses was taken over by the 

   state and best efforts were made to ensure equitable 


– Desperate efforts were made to import food grains and 

  supplies from India, Greece, and Abyssinia

– Punishment of death was ordered for state officials in case of 

  death due to negligence.

– The subjects were instructed to offer prayers to God to secure 

  divine help to liberate the country and the empire from this 

The famine lasted for seven years but due to the timely and effective measures the death toll was negligible. 
The Persian King had given equal importance to the survival and the welfare of rich and poor.


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