The Smiling Kurdish Children: By Izad Tus

From the 3rd to the mid 7th 

century CE, the Sasanian dynasty created one of the most powerful empires of the pre-Islamic ( predominantly Zoroastrian ) Middle East. 
Seals are the mass media of that period and, together with coins, the most abundant class of cultural artefacts surviving from the Sasanian era. 
Seals were the only objects handled at all levels of Sasanian society, used to seal a royal charter as well as the food chest of a private citizen. 
Many seals may even never have been actually used in a sealing process, but were rather worn as a kind of TALISMAN or AMULET .

A travelling Greek writer also said… that every Persian has a personal Seal. 
The financial potential of the buyer and holder of a seal influenced the quality of style and design.


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