Rituals: By Dr Karanjia 

Why should we not smell flowers and fruits before offering them in rituals?
1) In our rituals and ceremonies we present offerings to divine beings, departed souls and Fravashis.
These spiritual beings do not have a physical body and hence they do not physically partake the offerings.
2) Depending on whether the offerings are of cooked food, fruits or flowers, the spiritual beings enjoy the aroma, smell and fragrance of the offerings.

3) This is even true for the sandalwood that we offer to the sacred fire, the Atash Padshah Saheb. He too enjoys the sweet fragrance of the sandalwood, and the sandalwood also serves as food for the fire.

4) It is not right to first partake of something which we have decided to offer as a gift. Hence we should not smell the offerings that we want to make to the divine beings.


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