How to use Nirang? By Er Dr Ramiyar 

How does drinking nirang benefit at the time of nahan? (Ervad Dr. Ramiyar Parvez Karanjia)
1) Nirang is consecrated urine of Varasyaji and other bulls over which the Nirang-din ritual has been performed.

    Nirang acquires spiritual potency and has the power to clean and energise a person mentally and spiritually when a couple of drops are ingested during the nahan ritual.

2) Nirang is used only for internal use and not for external application for which taro, that is, unconsecrated bull/cow’s urine is used.

3) Every child has to sip a couple of drops of Nirang when he takes the Nahan before the Navjote so as to cleanse and energise oneself and prepare for the very important and lofty Navjote ritual.

4) For maximum effect of the Nirang on the child, the child was not allowed to eat anything before the Nahan. This is possible only when a navjote is done in the morning, as early as possible.
Jam-e-Jamshed of 12-5-13


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