On Persia: By  Mangesh Deshpande 

Some More information for / about my Aryan Cousins : -***************************************************************

પાર્શુ > પાર્સ્ય > પાહ્લ્વ >પહલવ >પહલવ 

પાર્શુ > પાર્સ્ય >પાર્સિક

આર્ય >આરયાણ >ઈરીયાણ >ઇરાણ 


How Ancient Iran / Persia 


Persians,your ancestors , are mentioned in 

the Ancient Vedic / Indian Texts /Epics /Dramas/Stories !




*Rig Veda :

The Persians were one of the allies in the Battle of Ten Kings, 

the historically most important battle that gave Bharata its name. 

(Because Bharatas won under the mighty ruler Sudas).

The Persians are called “Parshus”. 

[ This Word PARSHU is the origin of Parsya > Pars >Fars …].

(Rig Veda 7.81)


*Manu Smrti :

Again, Sage Manu mentions Persians, as “Pahlavas”, 

and groups them among who abandoned Brahmanic Vedic religion.

(10.43-44 )

* [ This word Pahlav 

was again used by Shahs Of Iran ].

Reza Shah (1877–1944), a.k.a. Reza Shah Pahlavi, Shah of Iran from 1925 until 1941

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (1919–1980), Shah of Iran from 1941 to 1979, son of Reza Shah

Reza Pahlavi, Crown Prince of Iran (born 1960), son of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi 

*Mahabharata 5.4.15 mentions 


Kambojas (Indo Iranians from western Kashmir to Oxus), 

Shakas (Scythians) ( Sistan today ) as located west, 

in Uttarapatha.

Uttarapatha (literally “Northern path”) 

is the North western area, the Central Asia and Persia described. 

Still, the nations are only mentioned, not described. 

[ This Shakasthan has become Sistan in Iran ].


*Though Manu hints that the tribes of his list became lesser `cultured`

because of speech distortions corruption from Sanskrit

because of their contact with Non-Aryans !

The Oxus (Amu Darya) is said to be “ChaKShu” in Later Indian Texts 

and is said to flow through land of 

Pahlavas, Lampakas, Shakas, Tusharas…


*In the Brihat katha manjari, a story collection in Sanskrit,it says 

that the legendary king Vikramaditya conquered the earth of the Central Asians (Pahlavas, Daradas (Dards)…) by defeating them. 

But one should not take this seriously as it is a story collection !



*Mudrarakshas, an ancient drama by Vishakhadatta, tells that Chandragupta Maurya could win against Alexander’s successors by joining hands with the Persian folks ,, so that he could establish the magnificent Mauryan empire.


*The word ” પાર્સિક / PArasIk” is many times used for the country and the people , also Pahlav in (Mudrarakshasa II)


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