Ancient Iranian Arts: By Izad Tus

United States’ Courts have agreed to the confiscation, robbery, and looting of ancient Iranian arts, and hundreds of thousands of ancient Iranian artifacts, inscriptions, tablets, etc. which were given to two museums in Chicago in trust and for studying & research as a trustee! The reason for it is that lawyers and family members who were victims to the Islamic Republic’s terrorism demand money and since Islamic Republic does not have any more money in US, they want these ancient Iranian pieces! This has nothing to do with the Islamic Republic! Don’t you know that Islamic Republic does not care? They themselves have been very busy over the past 40 years to destroy anything that has to do with Iranian art, civilization, and history! If United States goes through with this act, you are stealing and destroying our Iranian history! You do not do anything against the Islamic Republic and their terrorism except for making all Iranians all over the world be against you and no longer trust United States as a whole! We have worked very hard over the past 40 years to trust America who has stabbed her ally, the Emperor of Iran, Shahanshah Aryamehr in the back! Do you want to take that trust and destroy it once more?! 

I have a better idea in order for all the families who have been victims of terrorism how to come to their billions of dollars of monies! Sue in the first place English government and BBC who created the Islamic Republic, Islamism, and Islamic terrorism! Sue the Queen of England! Second, Sue the former administration of Jimmy Carter who are the biggest Islamic terrorists on earth and created all of the miseries you see today! Confiscate the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library! Third, sue Clinton Family and confiscate Clinton’s Presidential Library and their companies; you come even to more money! Forth, Sue and confiscate Obama’s Presidential Library, murderer of hundreds of thousands of people! Fifth, confiscate Bush’s Presidential Library! Sixth, Sue French government and heritage of Giscard D’Estaing, President of France at the time! All the above mentioned groups and people are the ones who created the Islamic Republic, Islamic terrorism, Terrorist groups such as Al Qeyida, Taliban, ISIS, Al-Nosrah, etc! 

Please take a very good look at yourselves first before you further destroy our History! You have destroyed our country and are responsible for millions of dead Iranians and Middle Easterners, and the destruction of so many countries! You have made over the last 40 years trillions of dollars through creations of wars and destruction of our countries putting in place your servants and this is not the end of it! 

By confiscating Iranian history of which you have been afraid for so many centuries, you have destroyed the trust of Iranian people in the chains of the Islamic Republic which you have created, forever!


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