Districts of the Achaemenid EmpireHerodotus divided the Achaemenid Empire into 20 districts. The following is a description of the ethnic makeup of the districts and the amount they paid in taxes, translated from Herodotus’ Histories.
The Districts 

 I – Ionians, Asian Magnesians, Aeolians, Carians, Lycians, Milyans, Pamphylians 400 talents of silver

 II Mysians, Lydians, Lasonians, Cabalians, Hytennians 500 talents

III Hellespontine Phrygians, Phrygians, Asian Thracians, Paphlagonians, Mariandynians, Syrians 360 talents

IV Cilicians 500 talents of silver along with 360 white horses (one for each day of the year); of the talents, 140 were used to maintain the cavalry force that guarded Cilicia

V the area from the town of Posidium as far as Egypt, omitting Arabian territory (which did not pay taxes). All Phoenicia, Palestine Syria, and Cyprus, were herein contained. In the biblical Book of Ezra, this district is called Abar Nahara (“beyond the Euphrates river”) 350 talents

VI Egyptians and the Libyans in the border towns of Cyrene and Barca 700 talents, in addition to the money from the fish in Lake Moeris, and 120,000 bushels of grain for the Persian troops and their auxiliaries stationed in the White Castle at Memphis

VII Sattagydians, Gandharans, Dadicae, Aparytae 170 talents

VIII Susa and the surrounding area, Cissia 300 talents

IX Mesopotamia (Babylonia and Assyria) 1000 talents of silver and 500 eunuch boys

X Ecbatana and the rest of Media along with the Paricanians and Orthocorybantians 450 talents

XI Caspians, Pausicae, Pantimathi, and Daritae a joint sum of 200 talents

XII Bactrians and all neighboring peoples as far as the Aegli 360 talents

XIII Pactyica, Armenians, and all the peoples as far as the Black Sea 400 talents

XIV Sagartians, Sarangians, Thamanaeans, Utians, Myci, and the inhabitants of the Persian Gulf islands (where prisoners or displaced people were sent) together they paid 400 talents

XV the Sacae and the Caspians 250 talents

XVI Parthians, Chorasmians, Sogdians, and Arians 300 talents

XVII Paricanians and Asiatic Ethiopians 400 talents

XVIII Matienians, Saspires, Alarodians 200 talents

XIX the Mushki, Tibareni, Macrones, Mossynoeci, Marres 300 talents

XX Indians 360 talents of gold dust


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