The Cypres Tree: By Aban Chinoy!

The Cypress Tree and it’s significance to Persia…Called as the ‘Sarv’ in Persian, it is a symbol of life / the tree of life..In Zoroastrianism, the ancient faith of Persia, the Cypress is the symbol of one of the 7 Archangels called as the Ameratat who is the archangel for agelessness and stands resolute as a symbol of freedom, liberty and stands upright as a symbol of truthfulness, integrity and fairness..The Persians regard the Cypress tree as has been depicted on ancient Persian art and architecture..Rows of Cypress trees adorn the walls of Persepolis..Painters, stucco makers, tile makers and carpet weavers have utilised its form in their creations..The pic post is of a Cypress tree on a frieze in Persepolis in Iran..This post is by Aban Mignonne Chinoy..


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