Shapoor Castle in Khorram Abad City, Iran: By Aban Chinoy

Shapoor Castle in Khorram Abad City / Chorram Abad City in Luristan province in Iran..This castle is also known as Shapurkhwast Dezh or Falak – Ol- Aflak…It was built on a hill and it dates back to the Sassanid Era of Persia (224 – 651 AD)..It was used until the Pahlavi dynasty (1925 – 1979)..This castle was called as Shapurkhwast during the Sassanid Era as it signified King Shapoor’s Castle..In the 14th Century, the current Khorram Abad city was built and the castle’s name was changed to Khorram Abad Castle..Falak – Ol- Aflak which means ‘the highest sky level’, this name was selected to express the inaccessibility of the castle for enemies in the Qajar dynasty (1789 – 1925)..The area of the castle is about 5,300 square meters, including 8 towers, 2 courtyards and 124 rooms..After the Islamic revolution in Iran, the castle was converted into a museum of anthropology and archaeology..This post is written by Aban Mignonne Chinoy..


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