The Jews: Courtesy: The Official Site of Sheda Vasseghi

“There were no Jews before the return from the Babylonian Captivity in 538 B.C…. Judaism was a creation of the Persian Empire…. It is perfectly legitimate to apply the term Aryan to the [] Indo-Iranian or Iranian…. Semites denotes the various people speaking Semitic languages…. Hebrews denotes originally the nomadic ancestors of the Israelites before they settled in Palestine. Israelites is the name of the Ephraimitic peasants who spoke originally Aramaic, but settled in Palestine about 1400 B.C…. Judah was a great melting pot…. The Jews represent a mixed type including Edomite, Hittite, Amorite, Philistine, and Egyptian elements. There was no exclusivism prior to the [Achaemenid Persian Empire 550-330 BCE]…”
~ excerpt from a 1918 article published in “The Open Court” by Paul Haupt, an expert in Semitic studies and a pioneer of Assyriology in America… 
One may ask – Why did the Persians support Jewish exclusivity and creation of Judaism since this information and critical thinking are nowhere to be found in mainstream educational materials… Instead, history books today claim the notion of Aryans is a myth in essentially erasing the identity of millions… 
[pic i.ytimg.: Inscription of Persian king Darius the Great 522-486 BCE… for educational purposes]


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