NIRANG: Jame Jamshed

#Jame #MondayMorning #Inspiration 
Our highly revered, scholastically brilliant and internationally acclaimed VADA DASTURJI SAHEB DR. FIROZE KOTWAL writes exclusively in the Jam-e-Jamshed on the power of Nirangs:
“Zoroastrians have certain short, effective prayers, which they call Nirangs. Nirang is a Pahlavi word, which means strength and power. The belief that a spiritual power is present within the body of the Nirang is very old. Zoroastrians also have a tradition of using the cotton thread (called ‘doro’ in Gujarati) consecrated during the enactment of the Vendidad ritual as a talisman serving as a charmed thread. In order to maintain the purity of this Vendidad thread it is to be kept safely at home in a small metal box.”


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