Impact of the Persian-Roman wars on the Arab invasion of Persia in 7th Century ACE
In the beginning of the 7th century Persian King Khosrow II launched ambitious military campaigns against the Byzantine Empire bringing the latter on the brink of collapse, all offers of peace were rejected by Khosrow II and the wars continued. 
However, under Heraclius the Byzantines fought back and the tide turned against the Persians. Heraclius’ main objective was to restore status quo between the two super powers namely Persians and the Byzantines and a peace agreement had been signed. Unfortunately, it was too late.
This war was so bloody that it claimed the lives of around 4,00,000 first rate professional fighting troops between Persia and Rome thus creating a dangerous military vacuum.
Also, the Persian Empire had a smaller population base compared to the Romans who could recruit troops and replenish their human resources from a much larger population base. Persia thus could not afford prolonged battlefield losses.
The severe weakening of the Persians and the Romans was closely observed by Caliph Omar and other Arab commanders in Medina. Realizing this golden opportunity, the Arabs struck both the Persians and Byzantium simultaneously. 
In the following years after a series of battles and bitter resistance the glorious Sasanian Persian empire fell to the desert roaming and lizard eating Arabs who essentially aimed at subjugating Persia as a conquered province of the larger Islamic caliphate. They attempted to destroy everything ‘Zoroastrian’, most of the population was given the option to convert to Islam or get massacred. Learned men who could read and write were massacred and all Zoroastrian literature was destroyed systematically to the best of their ability. 


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Comment: Rustom Jamasji

I think this post is made up if half truthz and thus in a way misleading.
The Persian Roman was began much before Khusrow II.

Right from Ardeshir Papakans and Shapur Era of 300 CE

The problem rose as the western empire wanted to Christianise Persia and convert Zoroastrians to xtianity. Armenia thus broke up from zoroastrianism due to mischief by missonaries.
Maurice, Valeria all of them were defeated much before Khusrow II and peace treaties signed. However the byzantines took advantage of such peace treatise to regroup, rearm and attack persia.This continued thru out the sadanid empire

One of the strategies of byzantine was to offer their daughters to the persians as hand in marriage showcasing relationship. In reality such relations were fostered to create disunity among persian noble families. Here comes in Khushrow II..who saw into this deceiving strategy wherein the romam spouce would instigate son against the persian father and promote xtianity over Zoroastrianism from within the persian noble homes.

Khusrow II put an end to such muschief n thus has even been termed as war mongerer and anti god( anti xtian conversions).
The byzantine strategy continues till date. They hide the fact of their mischief started long before and only highlight the backlash from the persian empire.
Even at Quadasiya..the byzantines aided the arabs in defeating the persians.
There was no way the arabs could have defeated the sasanids on their own. Both the arabs n the byzantines together tried to extinguish the zoroastrian faith and convert persia.

Once the sasanians were defeated nearly 2000 years ago, the misdonaries try to rub out their treachery to the persians from history showcasing only the arab onslaught.

The Persiajs who in reality gave refuge to early xtians were then backstabbed by the same people. There comes in Adurbad Marespand and other Mobeds who put an end to xtian mischief in Persia.
Elisaeus informs us that the Christians of Armenia armed themselves and imprisoned the

Margrave (p. 33). He further writes
“Now they fell upon the strong-holds and places which the Persians had everywhere

in the land, and drove out and destroyed those who dwelt therein.

 At first they took the great

Ardashad with its boroughs : then they approached the almost inaccessible fortresses as the

city Karni, Ani Ardakers, and its boroughs”
Further, Elisaeus informs us that the byzantine forces

overturned the fire-temples and reduced them to ruins;

 They put to the sword all the evil-working Magi whom they

found in the strong places, and gave their flesh to the birds of heaven and to the wild beasts

of the earth.

 They purified all those places from the iniquitous burnt-offerings, and freed the

churches from the grievous ill of Heathenism. ”
Professor Pour-e Davoud writes (K. R. Cama Oriental Institute

Government Fellowship Lectures, Publication No. 11, Bombay 1935, page 129) 

“The Byzantines intrigued and instigated these

Armenian Christians to create mischief in Iran. They insulted the Mubads, burnt the fire

temples and behaved disrespectfully towards them. The Iranians curbed with firmness these

instigations made with political motives. 
The great German Iranist, Justi, notes that “Iranians

must have been angels, not to take revenge on such great ruin and disrespect. On the other

hand, we know that the Nestorian Christians, who had nothing to do with the Byzantines,

were liked and respected by the Iranians and were very friendly to them. We can say with

certainty that this persecution were purely on political grounds and had nothing to do with

the Roman church, but it was out of necessity only to save the honour of the Iranian race and

Today both these war on persian lands due to their thirst to convert , even after they tried extinguish the zoroastrian flame from Persia


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