Peshdadian  Dynasty: By Er Dr Karanjia 

The first Iranian dynasty is Peshdad, which means “first law givers.” It was the epithet of Hoshang, the second King of this dynasty. The highlights of this dynasty is the birth of Mazdayasni belief system and the reigns of two great kings Jamshed and Faridun and the evil rule of Zohak.
KING GAYOMARD: He was the founder of the dynasty, and the first person to wear a crown and sit on the throne. He was the first human to hear the message from God on the basis of which he started the Mazdayasni belief system. He waged a war against the evil Daevayasnis, in which he defeated Siyāh Dev, but lost his son Siyamak.
KING HOSHANG: He was the grandson of king Gayomard. In his reign agriculture was started, including practices like irrigation and canal system. He also taught people to wear clothes to protect themselves from the weather. He started the practice of revering fire as the representation of Ahura Mazda, celebrating it with the performance of Jashane Sadeh.
KING TEHMURASP: He was the son of king Hoshang. On account of his complete control over the evil ones, he was called ‘Divband.’ He learnt several skills and trades from them.
He helped his people survive a terrible draught by asking them to eat one meal per day. He also taught people to domesticate animals and birds for their own use.
KING JAMSHED: He was the son of Vivanghan, and grandson of king Tehmurasp. He was divinely ordained to save people and certain species of plants and animals from the Great Deluge in a Vara, an enclosure on the Mountain. He re-established his kingdom here and got coronated anew. This day a Jashan was performed, and even today it is celebrated as the Jamshedi Navroz. His reign is regarded as a Golden Age in the history of ancient Iran.
King Jamshed had many accomplishments. He started the practice of wearing Kasti and Sadra. He divided the society into four professional groups. He introduced the use of metals, silk, perfume and wine. Had an observatory built in the shape of a huge upturned goblet, which came to be known as Jām-e-Jamshed.
In the later days of his reign, he became proud on account of his achievements and considered himself more worthy of worship than God. This led to his fall. His subjects went against him and invited an alien king Zohak. Jamshed had to flee. He was killed in exile by his step brother Spityur.
ZOHAK: He was the evil king from Babylon who overthrew king Jamshed. His life was ruined by the bad influence of the evil Ablis, under whose instigation he even killed his father Khrutasp.
He is best known in history as the evil king on whose shoulders 2 snakes grew on account of the kisses of Ablis. Zohak killed able bodied men to feed the snakes. Finally a blacksmith by the name Kaveh revolted against him for killing 17 of his 18 sons.
Zohak had repeated dreams of a young warrior killing him. On the advise of dream interpreters he ordered the killing of all children born on a certain day. The child’s mother Faranak saved it and it grew up on the milk of a cow by the name Purmae, which was later killed by Zohak’s soldiers. After Faridun grew up, he had a mace (Gurz) made in the image of the cow. He defeated Zohak and bound him under Mount Demāvand.
KING FARIDUN: He was one of the greatest kings of this dynasty. He sat on the throne on Meher roz of Meher mah (Meherangan) after defeating Zohak. The Drafshe-Kāvyāni made in his times became the Royal flag of Iran.
He had three sons and he divided his kingdom in three parts – to the youngest Irach he gave Iran proper, to Tur he gave Eastern Iran (Turkmenestan) and to the eldest Selam he gave Western Iran (Rome). Later Irach was killed by his brothers, and so Faridun groomed Minocheher, Irach’s grandson, to avenge the death of Irach.
KING MINOCHEHER: King Faridun groomed him to be the king after him. He killed his evil uncles Tur and Selam. He fought wars against Afrasiyab, King of Turan, over boundary disputes, which was amicably settled by the shooting of an arrow by the archer Erekhsha. This even is celebrated on Tir roj of Tir mah as Jashane Tirangan.
The paladin Sam from Zabulistan requested him to allow his son Zal to marry a Turanian princess Rodabe. He agreed after testing Zal’s loyalty. To Zal and Rudabe was born Rustam, the great warrior is born.
KING NOTAR/NOZAR: He was given to merry-making, so his subjects rebelled. Turan took advantage and attacked. The king’s two sons Toos and Gastaham fled. The king was killed by Afrasiyab.
KING ZAV: The 81 year old Zav was instituted as the new king, whose reign was short but peaceful.
KING KERSASP: He was Zav’s son. He died after a short reign.


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