Relief: 6 th Century BC: By Aban Chinoy

Relief from the 6th Century BC Persian city of Parse..Persian king fights “Lies and Evil” or the beast which is the outward representation of evil..According to Persian beliefs, a beast within that is not conquered manifests as the beast in the outside world and the most evil and demonic of all demons in IRANIAN beliefs is the evil of LIE, Deception and Dishonesty..According to Zoroastrian Persian beliefs, a liar and deceitful demonic invididual may destroy an entire nation, much the same as the Persian proverb which says: “A deceitful and demonic person can cause a damage which a thousand intelligent people are unable to resolve”..That is why the Persian Kings always prayed to the great GOD Ahuramazda to save their country from Lie, drought and enemy..This post is by Aban Mignonne Chinoy..


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