Muktad: KE Eduljee 

Muktad-1. BackgroundRemembering Near & Dear Who Have Passed Away

For Those Who Follow the Shensai/Shahenshahi Calendar

August 7 to 16, 2017 for Those Who Follow the Shensai/Shahenshahi Calendar
The ten Muktad days preceding the Nowroz are dedicated to the remembrance of souls of the departed. 
Muktad is the Parsi name for the Pahlavi Farvardigan days and according to Ervad Soli Dastur and Dastur Dr. Phiroze Kotwal, the name Muktad meaning liberated soul, is derived from the Sanskrit words mukt meaning free or liberated and atma meaning soul.
As with the Farvardigan days observed before the Fasli Nowruz in March, the Muktad can be regarded as all souls’ days – days when the fravashis of the departed are welcomed to the join the community of souls in the physical world especially with members of their families. Prayers are recited over specially prepared foods, fruit and flowers to invoke the blessings of the fravashis as guardian angels.
As with the Iranian Khaneh Tekani (house cleaning) customs, houses are thoroughly cleaned in the month prior to Nowruz, the cleaning being completed before the Muktad observances. 
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Image: Muktad remembrance table with metal water holders called karasyas [2014(?)]. Credit: Porus at


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